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mayajoon art


Maya Sofer Sherman is an artist from New York, New York. Growing up, Maya gained a deep appreciation for illustration and fine art, and was encouraged to visit local art museums and galleries by her parents. 

Maya learned how to draw by copying cartoons and book illustrations. In elementary school, her bedroom wall was filled with attempted copies of the Avatar characters and Camilla from A Bad Case of the Stripes

From a young age, Maya has been inspired by fantastical concepts, and today, most of her work is based on surrealism and scenery illustration. In 2022, she won gold in the Scholastic art competition and had her winning piece featured in the Metropolitan Museum of Art. 

Today, Maya is getting her BFA at Pratt Institute in Brooklyn. She is working towards showing more work in galleries and museums and is pursuing a career as an international gallery artist. Her end goal is to eventually run a gallery of her own.

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