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Into the Sunny Room, 2023, oil on panel, 41 x 51, €150.png

Maya Sofer Sherman

Screen Shot 2024-04-16 at 11.49.24 AM.png

Maya Sofer Sherman is an artist from New York City. Growing up, Maya gained a deep appreciation for illustration and fine art, and was encouraged by her parents to visit local museums and galleries. As she fell in love with fine art, Maya learned how to draw by copying cartoons and book illustrations. 

From a young age, Maya has been inspired by fantastical concepts, and today, much of her work is based on combining observation with surrealism. Stories often provided her with a sense of escape, and through her work, Maya tries to recreate the sense of wonder that stories provided her with. Today, her paintings are largely based on fantastical concepts and stories. Maya is currently getting her BFA in painting at Pratt Institute in Brooklyn.

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